Fletchers Serious Injury

About Fletchers Serious Injury

For over 30 years we have been dedicated to helping people rebuild their lives following a serious, life changing accident.

Fletchers are a Top 100 UK Law Firm specialising in serious life changing injury cases from across the country.

Founded by Rob Fletcher in 1987, and now led by Ed Fletcher, himself a paraplegic wheelchair user, the firm now employs over 450 people, all of whom are dedicated to helping people rebuild their lives following serious injury, caused through no fault of their own.

In the beginning…

The firm was established by Rob Fletcher in 1987 with just 9 employees. It was a traditional high street law firm, based in Rob’s hometown of Southport, and dealt with a wide range of legal issues ranging from family law to conveyancing. However, even during these humble beginnings, Fletchers had a niche – serious motorcycle accident cases.

Rob had always been a keen motorcyclist (in particular with a love of vintage bikes!) and being an active member of the motorcycle community, he knows first hand how devastating a serious motorcycle accident can be. When those accidents are through no fault of the biker, Rob knew that the law could step in and help. From day 1, Rob established a specialist department to deal with motorcycle injury cases – a department which still exists and now deals with around 1 in 3 motorcycle accident cases in England & Wales!

Ed’s story

In 1996, Rob’s nephew, Ed Fletcher, joined the firm as a trainee solicitor, fresh out of law school. Ed went on to qualify as a lawyer and joined the motorcycle accident team at Fletchers – in large, driven by his own love of motorcycling.

Unfortunately, in 1999 Ed had his own motorcycle accident while visiting friends in London.

He severed his spinal cord at T9/10 resulting in him becoming a paraplegic wheelchair user. After his accident, he had a huge level of support from friends and family, and also  from work. Ed always knew that due to the nature of his job, he would be able to return to work. During the course of his recovery in hospital and then in the spinal unit, Ed met many other seriously injured people who were probably never going to be able to return to the same job as before the accident. He saw their worries about finances and rehabilitation and about what they could go on to achieve in their life after suffering this injury.

He decided there and then that he wanted to ensure other people in his situation have that same level of support. His way to help was via doing what he knew – the law. When Ed returned to work, he took the decision to dedicate the rest of his working life to fighting solely for the seriously injured.

As more and more people came to Ed for help, he set up a specialist team in 2000, with the aim of providing those who have suffered a serious injury with the best legal assistance in the UK. His rule is that everyone who joins the serious injury team not only has to have the best legal knowledge, they also have to have the same passion and philosophy that he has. Everyone in the team represents Ed and his beliefs.

Over the years, the reputation of Ed’s specialist team has grown. They have won several awards including Team of the Year, Lawyer of the Year and Case of the Year, allowing Ed to pick the very best lawyers in the UK.

The here and now

In 2012, Ed became CEO of Fletchers and now leads the entire 400+ team members across the business. Today, the Fletchers Serious Injury team is in the safe hands of Chief Legal Officer Adrian Denson, himself a long standing specialist Serious Injury lawyer and Top 10 ranked UK Personal Injury lawyer (Chambers & Partners 2019). The team still holds the same passion, principles, values and vision  – to help seriously injured people to rebuild their lives following an accident.

Fletchers Serious Injury team is now one of the largest specialist serious injury teams in the country. Each department is made up of individual specialist teams, meaning that all our clients are still given that all important personal service. Our medical negligence department employs over 100 people and deals with around 1 in 8 Medical Negligence cases in England & Wales. The Serious Personal injury team has over 50 team members dealing with non-medical accidents ranging from accidents abroad to criminal injuries and of course, still leading the way 30 years on in fighting for the rights of injured motorcyclists.


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