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Road Traffic Accidents

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Road Traffic Accidents


With the amount of traffic on Britain’s roads, one of the inevitable by-products is a rise in accidents. Pedestrians, four wheels, two wheels – we’re all at the mercy of some bad decision making or carelessness on the part of a driver that at its worst, could change our lives forever.


What is a road traffic accident claim?


Simply put, a road traffic accident claim is a claim stemming from an accident involving any vehicle on our roads.


It is often thought that a road traffic claim usually involves two cars colliding, but this is far from the truth, especially in the most serious of cases. Many cases we deal with involve different types of vulnerable road users who have been injured in road traffic accidents.


These include:


  • Motorbike riders
  • Cyclists
  • Pedestrians
  • Horse riders

If you’re injured in a road traffic collision, then we are here to help you. With over 30 years’ experience of fighting for justice and gaining compensation for clients who have have suffered a serious injury on our roads, especially vulnerable road users, we are widely considered to be one of the market leaders for these types of cases.


How can I make a road traffic accident claim?


Pursuing a road traffic accident claim is firstly all about establishing that the accident was not entirely your fault. Chances are that if you have been seriously injured, you may remember little about the accident itself and not have been in a position to take photographs and gather evidence at the time. Usually, the police will have attended the scene of a serious accident and their evidence is often key to establishing the facts surrounding an incident and attributing blame. Our lawyers are well versed in gathering this type of evidence and will contact the police, witnesses and obtain any CCTV evidence – all of which will help us paint a picture as to what has happened and allow us to fight to prove that you were not to blame. We can also instruct specialist accident reconstruction experts and obtain professional accident location measurements and photos. Having a reliable and hard working legal team that will do the hard work to get all of this crucial evidence means that you are able to focus more on your recovery.


Once blame is established, it is then about ensuring you are properly compensated. Any claim will have a financial settlement, that is a given, but in serious road traffic accident cases it is more about ensuring you get the proper care, treatment and living arrangements necessary to allow you to rebuild your life after injury and get back to being the very best you can be. It is also important to factor in care and treatment that you may need in the future. We have access to some of the leading housing and rehabilitation specialists, as well as medical experts, all of whom can assess your injuries fully and work with you and us to ensure that you are fully compensated to be able to live the fullest life possible.


The first step to making an RTA claim is to contact our expert legal team who, along with taking details of your accident, will provide support and advice and discuss any worries you may have following an accident.


Different types of road traffic accident claims:


In over 30 years of dealing with Road Traffic Accidents, our skilled legal team have fought for justice in thousands of cases involving all different types of RTA claims, including:


  • Collisions caused by dangerous driving or driving without due care and attention
  • Accidents where car drivers have failed to check mirrors
  • Accidents where car drivers have failed to indicate
  • Accidents caused by road defects, spillages on road and other road surface issues
  • Accidents caused by failing to check for filtering motorcycles prior to turning/performing U-turn
  • Failing to check for cyclists/motorcyclists before opening the door of a stationary car (‘car dooring’)
  • Failing to keep the correct and safe distance while overtaking a two-wheel vehicle/horse

We specialise in claims for vulnerable road users, in particular motorcyclists, dealing with around 1 in 3 motorcycle accident cases in England and Wales.


Is there a time limit for a road traffic accident claim?


 Any road traffic accident claim that you make needs to be within three years of the accident taking place. If the injured person is a child, then they have three years from the date of their 18th birthday. Fatal cases and cases in which the injured person lacks mental capacity (either before or as a result of the accident) can differ and you should contact our legal team for advice.


If you have suffered an injury through a road traffic accident, then we recommend that you get in touch with us as soon as possible so we can start your fight for justice and ensure you get the right level of compensation to help you rebuild your life after serious injury.


Contact us today to find out how we can guide you through the legal process.

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